What is the "anti" thing Lay is talking about? P.S. U were gone for a while! Now you're back! Thanksssss


He didn’t specifically point out any issues but if you lurk around Weibo for some time, you’ll know what he is talking about. Just some endless and unnecessary disputes among fans. (Which I don’t remember ‘cause I don’t like negativity so I just scroll past lol) I check tumblr now and then~ And only posting translation when I feel like it lol.

but thank you~! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

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For sg only~ Selling EXO stuffs like polaroids/postcards/standees etc~ 

Please take a look: http://jongshidae.tumblr.com/ ⁺✧.(˃̶ ॣ⌣ ॣ˂̶∗̀)ɞ⁾

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Ask me a question O u O
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[060714] Lay’s Weibo Update

"My thoughts after watching a part of Happy Camp. These are also my heartfelt words."

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but that quote was by yunho not kai


I didn’t know~ Thanks~ o.o

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"Dont let EXO be the reason of ur study failures. Make us ur inspirations, not ur destructions because of ur obssesions. -Kim Jongin"

this sounds familiar haha. did you saw my post ¬¬

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[Kamong Fanacc] “Kai’s sister is really pretty, she looks a lot like Jongin. I asked why the cafe is called ‘KAMONG’ and she said it very shyly that it’s ‘cafe inside a dream’ 【꿈꾸는 까페】, originally the letter ‘c’ was used but in the end it was changed to ‘k’.”

Cr 굿며닝 | Via ray_0203


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aha… should have posted this on my kai blog…. 

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How to get to Kamong! A cafe opened by Kai’s sister~ O u O


It’s very, very easy! So this tutorial (?) is kinda… unnecessary. LOL but I just feel like sharing my journey there so here it is~ .-.

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i shall wait for repackage ha

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